Class NewDataSetDTOBuilder

  • public class NewDataSetDTOBuilder
    extends java.lang.Object
    A mutable object for building NewDataSetDTO objects.
    • Constructor Detail

      • NewDataSetDTOBuilder

        public NewDataSetDTOBuilder()
    • Method Detail

      • getDataSetOwnerIdentifier

        public java.lang.String getDataSetOwnerIdentifier()
        The owner identifier may be and empty during construction but is non-null in a well-formed object.
      • setDataSetOwnerIdentifier

        public void setDataSetOwnerIdentifier​(java.lang.String dataSetOwnerIdentifier)
      • getDataSetOwner

        public NewDataSetDTO.DataSetOwner getDataSetOwner()
        The owner may be null during construction but is non-null in a well-formed object.
      • getDataSetMetadata

        public NewDataSetMetadataDTO getDataSetMetadata()
        The metadata data for the data set, including type and properties.
      • getFile

        public getFile()
        The file that contains the data set. May be null during initialization but should be non-null in a well-formed data set.
      • setFile

        public void setFile​( file)
        Set the file that contains the data set.
      • asNewDataSetDTO

        public NewDataSetDTO asNewDataSetDTO()
        Convert the builder into a NewDataSetDTO object.
      • initializeFromTemplate

        public void initializeFromTemplate​(NewDataSetDTOBuilder template)
        Take over any appropriate values from the template.