Class HierarchicalFileInfoDssBuilder

  • public class HierarchicalFileInfoDssBuilder
    extends java.lang.Object
    Helper Class for creating FileInfoDss objects based on file system abstraction.
    • Constructor Detail

      • HierarchicalFileInfoDssBuilder

        public HierarchicalFileInfoDssBuilder​(IHierarchicalContentNode listingRootNode)
        Constructor for FileInfoDssFactory
        listingRootNode - node in the directory structure from which the recursive traversal starts
    • Method Detail

      • appendFileInfos

        public void appendFileInfos​(java.util.ArrayList<FileInfoDssDTO> list,
                                    boolean isRecursive)
        Append file info starting from the listing root node. Assumes that the parameters have been verified already.
        list - The list the files infos are appended to
        isRecursive - If true, directories will be recursively appended to the list