Interface ISampleImmutable

    • Method Detail

      • getSampleIdentifier

        java.lang.String getSampleIdentifier()
        Return the identifier for this sample.
      • getSpace

        java.lang.String getSpace()
        Return the space code for this sample.
      • getCode

        java.lang.String getCode()
        Return the code for this sample.
      • getExperiment

        IExperimentImmutable getExperiment()
        Return the experiment for this sample. May be null.
      • getSampleType

        java.lang.String getSampleType()
        Return the type for this sample. May be null.
      • isExistingSample

        boolean isExistingSample()
        Return true if the sample exists in the database.
      • getPropertyValue

        java.lang.String getPropertyValue​(java.lang.String propertyCode)
        Return the value of a property specified by a code. May return null of no such property with code propertyCode is found.
      • getContainedSamples

        java.util.List<ISampleImmutable> getContainedSamples()
        Return the contained sample objects. Only available for samples existing prior the transaction start that were obtained from the server with their contained samples included. Call canGetContainedSamples() to see if these can be provided.
        java.lang.IllegalStateException - If the contained samples cannot be returned.
      • canGetContainedSamples

        boolean canGetContainedSamples()
        Return true if this sample object has contained samples available. This is independent of whether or not the sample has contained samples. This method only says if the contained samples were provided to this object by the application server.
      • getPermId

        java.lang.String getPermId()
        Returns the permId of this sample.
      • getParentSampleIdentifiers

        java.util.List<java.lang.String> getParentSampleIdentifiers()
        Gets the parents of this sample