Interface IDataSetImmutable

    • Method Detail

      • getDataSetCode

        java.lang.String getDataSetCode()
        Get the data set code of the data set
        The code of this data set.
      • getExperiment

        IExperimentImmutable getExperiment()
        Get the experiment for this data set. This can only be null at initialization time, and will be non-null for a valid data set.
        The experiment for this data set (will be non-null for a valid data set)
      • getSample

        ISampleImmutable getSample()
        Get the sample for this data set, if there is one.
        A sample or null.
      • getFileFormatType

        java.lang.String getFileFormatType()
        The file format type of the data set. Defaults to the default specified in FileFormatType.

        This property is undefined for container data sets.

        The code of the FileFormatType for this data set.
      • isMeasuredData

        boolean isMeasuredData()
        Return true if the data set is measured data. Defaults to true.
        True if the data set is measured data, false otherwise.
      • getDataSetType

        java.lang.String getDataSetType()
        Get the data set type. This is only null during initialization and is non-null for a valid data set.
      • getDataSetTypeWithPropertyTypes

        DataSetType getDataSetTypeWithPropertyTypes()
        Returns data set type with property types and vocabulary terms for all property types with vocabulary data type.
        ch.systemsx.cisd.common.exceptions.UserFailureException - if data set type code hasn't been defined.
      • getSpeedHint

        int getSpeedHint()
        Returns the speed hint.

        This property is undefined for container data sets.

      • getPropertyValue

        java.lang.String getPropertyValue​(java.lang.String propertyCode)
        Get the value for a property.
      • getAllPropertyCodes

        java.util.List<java.lang.String> getAllPropertyCodes()
        Returns codes of all properties of this dataset. Each code can be used when calling getPropertyValue(String).
      • getParentDatasets

        java.util.List<java.lang.String> getParentDatasets()
        Gets the parents of the dataset.
      • getChildrenDataSets

        java.util.List<IDataSetImmutable> getChildrenDataSets()
        Gets the children data sets. Only available for data sets existing prior the transaction start.
      • isContainerDataSet

        boolean isContainerDataSet()
        Return true if this data set contains other data sets.
      • getContainedDataSetCodes

        java.util.List<java.lang.String> getContainedDataSetCodes()
        Get the codes for contained data sets. This is empty if isContainerDataSet() returns false.
      • isContainedDataSet

        boolean isContainedDataSet()
        Return true if this data set is contained in other data set
      • getContainerDataSet

        java.lang.String getContainerDataSet()
        Return the code of the container in which this data set is contained. If the data set is in more than one container only the code of one of these containers is returned.
      • getContainerDataSets

        java.util.List<java.lang.String> getContainerDataSets()
        Returns the codes of all containers in which this data set is contained.
      • getOrderInContainer

        java.lang.Integer getOrderInContainer​(java.lang.String containerDataSetCode)
        Returns the order of this data set in the specified container data set.
        null if this data set is not a component of the specified container data set.
      • isLinkDataSet

        boolean isLinkDataSet()
        true if this is a data set, that links to external data management system
      • isNoFileDataSet

        boolean isNoFileDataSet()
        true if this dataset doesn't contain any files. It can be for example container or link data set.
      • isPostRegistered

        boolean isPostRegistered()
        true if, for this dataset, post registration has been finished.
      • getExternalCode

        java.lang.String getExternalCode()
        the code of this link data set in the external data management system