Interface IImageDataSet

    • Method Detail

      • getOriginalDataset

        IDataSet getOriginalDataset()
      • getThumbnailDatasets

        java.util.List<IDataSet> getThumbnailDatasets()
      • setAnalysisProcedure

        void setAnalysisProcedure​(java.lang.String analysisProcedure)
        Sets analysis procedure. Makes sense only for segmentation datasets.
      • figureGeometry

        java.lang.String figureGeometry()
        Utility method to find out the plate geometry by looking for which wells images are available.
        a constant which can be used as a vocabulary term value for $PLATE_GEOMETRY property of a plate/
        ch.systemsx.cisd.common.exceptions.UserFailureException - if all available geometries in openBIS are too small (there is a well outside).