Class SimpleImageContainerDataConfig

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      • SimpleImageContainerDataConfig

        public SimpleImageContainerDataConfig()
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      • extractImagesMetadata

        public ImageMetadata[] extractImagesMetadata​(java.lang.String imagePath,
                                                     java.util.List<ImageIdentifier> imageIdentifiers)
        Description copied from class: SimpleImageDataConfig
        Returns meta-data for each image in the specified image container. This method should overridden to deal with container images (like multi-page TIFF files).

        This implementation returns the result of SimpleImageDataConfig.extractImageMetadata(String) wrapped in an array, image identifiers are ignored.

        extractImagesMetadata in class SimpleImageDataConfig
        imagePath - path to the single image or container of many images
        imageIdentifiers - Identifiers of all images contained in the image file.
      • tryToExtractWell

        public java.lang.String tryToExtractWell​(ImageIdentifier imageIdentifier)
        Tries to extract well from the specified image identifier. Default implementation returns null. In case of screening this method can be overridden.