Class ImageStorageConfiguraton

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    public class ImageStorageConfiguraton
    extends ch.systemsx.cisd.common.reflection.AbstractHashable
    Configuration of how images should be stored. By default:
    • no thumbnails are generated
    • original data are stored as they come (without additional compression).
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    • Constructor Detail

      • ImageStorageConfiguraton

        public ImageStorageConfiguraton()
    • Method Detail

      • getThumbnailsStorageFormat

        public java.util.List<ThumbnailsStorageFormat> getThumbnailsStorageFormat()
        null if no thumbnails should be generated
      • setThumbnailsStorageFormat

        public void setThumbnailsStorageFormat​(ThumbnailsStorageFormat thumbnailsStorageFormatOrNull)
        Set to null if no thumbnails should be generated. Overrides previous thumbnails settings.
      • addThumbnailsStorageFormat

        public void addThumbnailsStorageFormat​(ThumbnailsStorageFormat thumbnailsStorageFormatOrNull)
        Adds new thumbnails setting to the list
      • setOriginalDataStorageFormat

        public void setOriginalDataStorageFormat​(OriginalDataStorageFormat originalDataStorageFormat)
      • setOriginalDataStorageFormat

        public void setOriginalDataStorageFormat​(OriginalDataStorageFormat originalDataStorageFormat)
      • setStoreChannelsOnExperimentLevel

        public void setStoreChannelsOnExperimentLevel​(boolean storeChannelsOnExperimentLevel)
        Signalizes that the channels should be saved on experiment level rather than dataset level. Will be ignored in case of microscopy where all channels are always saved at dataset level.
      • getStoreChannelsOnExperimentLevel

        public java.lang.Boolean getStoreChannelsOnExperimentLevel()
      • setImageTransformerFactory

        public void setImageTransformerFactory​(IImageTransformerFactory transformerFactory)
        Allows for applying an image transformation on the fly when an image is fetched.
      • setImageLibrary

        public void setImageLibrary​(ch.systemsx.cisd.openbis.dss.etl.dto.ImageLibraryInfo imageLibrary)
        Sets the library which should be used to read the images.
      • tryGetImageLibrary

        public ch.systemsx.cisd.openbis.dss.etl.dto.ImageLibraryInfo tryGetImageLibrary()
        library which should be used to read the images or null if the library is not specified.
      • toString

        public java.lang.String toString()
        toString in class ch.systemsx.cisd.common.reflection.AbstractHashable
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        protected static final void appendNameAndObject​(java.lang.StringBuilder buffer,
                                                        java.lang.String name,
                                                        java.lang.Object object)