Class ImageFileInfo

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    public class ImageFileInfo
    extends java.lang.Object
    DTO with information about one image file
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    • Constructor Detail

      • ImageFileInfo

        public ImageFileInfo​(java.lang.String channelCode,
                             int tileRow,
                             int tileColumn,
                             java.lang.String imageRelativePath)
    • Method Detail

      • tryGetUniqueStringIdentifier

        public java.lang.String tryGetUniqueStringIdentifier()
      • tryGetWellRow

        public java.lang.Integer tryGetWellRow()
      • tryGetWellColumn

        public java.lang.Integer tryGetWellColumn()
      • tryGetWellLocation

        public ch.systemsx.cisd.openbis.plugin.screening.shared.basic.dto.WellLocation tryGetWellLocation()
      • hasWellLocation

        public boolean hasWellLocation()
      • getTileRow

        public int getTileRow()
      • getTileColumn

        public int getTileColumn()
      • getChannelCode

        public java.lang.String getChannelCode()
      • getImageRelativePath

        public java.lang.String getImageRelativePath()
      • tryGetTimepoint

        public java.lang.Float tryGetTimepoint()
      • tryGetDepth

        public java.lang.Float tryGetDepth()
      • tryGetSeriesNumber

        public java.lang.Integer tryGetSeriesNumber()
      • setImageIdentifier

        public void setImageIdentifier​(ImageIdentifier imageIdentifier)
      • setWell

        public void setWell​(int row,
                            int column)
      • setWell

        public boolean setWell​(java.lang.String wellText)
        true if well row and column could be parsed
      • setTile

        public void setTile​(int row,
                            int column)
      • setTimepoint

        public void setTimepoint​(java.lang.Float value)
      • setDepth

        public void setDepth​(java.lang.Float value)
      • setSeriesNumber

        public void setSeriesNumber​(java.lang.Integer value)
      • setUniqueImageIdentifier

        public void setUniqueImageIdentifier​(java.lang.String uniqueImageIdentifier)
      • getContainerDataSetCode

        public java.lang.String getContainerDataSetCode()
      • setContainerDataSetCode

        public void setContainerDataSetCode​(java.lang.String containerDataSetCode)
      • toString

        public java.lang.String toString()
        toString in class java.lang.Object