Interface IImageGenerationAlgorithm

    • Method Detail

      • generateImages

        java.util.List<java.awt.image.BufferedImage> generateImages​(ImageDataSetInformation information,
                                                                    java.util.List<IDataSet> thumbnailDatasets,
                                                                    ch.systemsx.cisd.openbis.dss.etl.IImageProvider imageProvider)
        Creates thumbnails for the specified data set info.
      • getDataSetTypeCode

        java.lang.String getDataSetTypeCode()
        Returns the code of the data set to be registered containing these representative thumbnails.
      • getImageFileName

        java.lang.String getImageFileName​(int index)
        Returns the thumbnail file name for the specified index. The index specifies the corresponding image returned by generateImages(ImageDataSetInformation, List, IImageProvider). Note, all file names generated by this method have to be different.