Class DataSetUploadClient

  • public class DataSetUploadClient
    extends AbstractSwingGUI
    The GUI for the WebStart data set upload application. This class assembles the GUI and creates the necessary contextual objects (like the IDssComponent) for interacting with the server. Although DataSetUploadTableModel handles most of the logic, the contextual information needs to be stored here so clean-up can be performed, e.g., if the user closes the window while an upload is in progress.
    • Method Detail

      • main

        public static void main​(java.lang.String[] args)
                         throws ch.systemsx.cisd.common.exceptions.UserFailureException,
        Read the arguments from the command line or WebStart and instantiates the GUI appropriately.
      • cancel

        protected final boolean cancel()
        Specified by:
        cancel in class AbstractSwingGUI
        true if it safe to quit or if the user says it is ok