Class VocabularyTermImmutable

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      Constructor Description
      VocabularyTermImmutable​(ch.systemsx.cisd.openbis.generic.shared.basic.dto.VocabularyTerm vocabularyTerm)  
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      java.lang.String getCode()
      Return the term's code.
      java.lang.String getDescription()
      Return the term's description.
      java.lang.String getLabel()
      Return the term's label.
      java.lang.Long getOrdinal()
      Return the position of the term in the context of a vocabulary.
      java.lang.String getUrl()
      Return an associated URL specifying additional information for the vocabulary term.
      protected ch.systemsx.cisd.openbis.generic.shared.basic.dto.VocabularyTerm getVocabularyTerm()  
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