Interface IDataSetUpdatable

    • Method Detail

      • setExperiment

        void setExperiment​(IExperimentImmutable experiment)
        Set the experiment for this data set. The experiment may also be set by setting the sample.
        experiment - The experiment for this data set. Need not actually be immutable, but the immutable one is the supertype.
      • setSample

        void setSample​(ISampleImmutable sampleOrNull)
        Set the sample for this data set. Will also set the experiment, since the sample must have an experiment.
        sampleOrNull - The sample to use. Need not actually be immutable, but the immutable one is the supertype.
      • setFileFormatType

        void setFileFormatType​(java.lang.String fileFormatTypeCode)
        Set the file format type.

        This property is undefined for container data sets.

        fileFormatTypeCode - The code of the desired FileFormatType.
      • setPropertyValue

        void setPropertyValue​(java.lang.String propertyCode,
                              java.lang.String propertyValue)
        Set the value for a property.
      • setParentDatasets

        void setParentDatasets​(java.util.List<java.lang.String> parentDatasetCodes)
        Sets the parents of the dataset.
      • setContainedDataSetCodes

        void setContainedDataSetCodes​(java.util.List<java.lang.String> containedDataSetCodes)
        Set the codes for contained data sets.
      • setExternalCode

        void setExternalCode​(java.lang.String externalCode)
        Set the code from the external data management system