Interface IRollbackStack

  • All Known Implementing Classes:
    RollbackStack, RollbackStack

    public interface IRollbackStack
    This interface publishes a small part of the API of an RollbackStack, that is needed to (de)serialize storage processor transactions.
    • Method Detail

      • pushAndExecuteCommand

        void pushAndExecuteCommand​(ITransactionalCommand cmd)
        Push the command onto the stack and execute it.
      • setLockedState

        void setLockedState​(boolean lockedState)
        Sets the locked state of this rollback stack. Changing this state to true results in creating or deleting the marker file. If already in a desired state - does nothing.
      • isLockedState

        boolean isLockedState()
        Returns whether this rollback stack is in locked state (i.e. it cannot execute any rollback actions)