Interface IRpcServiceFactory

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    public interface IRpcServiceFactory
    A factory for creating proxies to RPC services on a data store server.

    Because of the inherent potential variability in the DSS RPC, the interface has been made flexible to provide clients simultaneous access to several different communication interfaces.

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      • getSupportedInterfaces

        java.util.Collection<RpcServiceInterfaceDTO> getSupportedInterfaces​(java.lang.String serverURL,
                                                                            boolean shouldGetServerCertificateFromServer)
                                                                     throws IncompatibleAPIVersionsException
        Get the RPC service interfaces supported by the server.
        serverURL - The URL of the data store server to query.
        shouldGetServerCertificateFromServer - If the URL scheme is https and shouldGetServerCertificateFromServer is true, the factory will retrieve the SSL certificate from the server.
      • getService

        <T extends IRpcService> T getService​(RpcServiceInterfaceVersionDTO ifaceVersion,
                                             java.lang.Class<T> ifaceClazz,
                                             java.lang.String serverURL,
                                             boolean getServerCertificateFromServer)
                                      throws IncompatibleAPIVersionsException
        Get a proxy to the RPC service interface specified by ifaceVersion.
        ifaceVersion - The proxy interface to return
        ifaceClazz - The class of the interface
        serverURL - The url of the server that exports the service
        getServerCertificateFromServer - True if the certificate should be retrieved from the server.